What is a Free Agent

Sunday, February 5th

For virtually every season, Ultimate Sports provides the option to sign up as a team or as a Free Agent. If you choose to sign up as a Free Agent, you are just that, a Free Agent. In most cases, when registering as a Free Agent, you will be placed on The Free Agent team. This is a team that consists of other individuals that have signed up just like you. In some cases, groups will sign up as free agents and are all placed on the same free agent team. For example, if you have 5 players that all want to play together but you do not have enough to field an entire team, then those 5 individuals may all sign up as Free Agents and will all be placed on the Free Agent team with the open positions being filled by other individual Free Agents who have registered to play. In some instances, Free Agents may be placed on an already existing team that has indicated they need only 1 or 2 more players.


Things to know if you are signing up as a Free Agent or are playing with Ultimate Sports for the first time:



-There is none required. Ultimate Sports has players ranging from former professional baseball players to those who have never swung a bat.


-If you show you play, there is room on a team regardless of skill level or previous experience



-Gloves. They are not provided. This is the only piece of equipment that is the player’s responsibility. No Glove, no love.


-Bats. You are welcome to bring your own. Please see the updated list on bats that are banned. In addition to the bats on the ABA banned list, there are no full composites or double walls allowed. You do not need to bring or buy your own bat. In almost all cases someone else from your team will have one.


-Spikes. They are optional, but No Metal spikes are allowed.


-What do I wear? Anything you want. There is no standard uniform of apparel requirements. Just be ready to get dirty!


Meeting your Team


-Almost always you will have no idea who is on your team prior to you first game. In order to reduce the awkwardness and allow for possible meet ups prior to the first game there is usually an email sent to everyone prior to the first game.


-This email will allow all players on the Free Agent team to discuss the upcoming season. This email chain usually stimulates conversation such as, player’s positions, possible batting line-ups, a Team Name, free time to meet for a catch or batting practices, and in some cases selection of a coach/team captain.


-It must be noted that sometimes this does not occur after the email is sent. Often times, the first time anyone will meet or talk is right before the first game. For this reason, we encourage all Free Agents to show up about 30 minutes early for the first game.


-An Ultimate Sports representative is more times than not at the first Free Agent Game and will be there to assist in the organization/meeting of the team.


-Meeting place. Outside of any prior agreed upon or discussed meeting place, you should meet your team at the field where you are scheduled to play.


 -At Southern Poly, we only play on one field. Using the map located on the website, we should be easy to find

 -At Frankie Allen Park, we only use the one field located near the back of the complex. We should be easy to find.

 -At Piedmont Park, we play in the active oval. This is located between 14th and 16th Streets on Piedmont Ave. We sometimes use 2 fields there and they are right next to each other. Please see your team's schedule for which field you are playing on.

 -if you need additional directions to Piedmont Park or the Active Oval/Recreation Fields check out their website


What you get as a Free Agent


-Everything that registering as a team gets you.


-After you play your first game with your Free Agent team you are just like any other team in the league for that season


-Most seasons include 5-7 games with the possibility of playoffs.


-Free Agents also get an Ultimate Sports T-Shirt and Sponsor Bar Coupons are provided to each team after the game


How do I sign up as a Free Agent?


-Ultimate Sports provides Pay Pal as an option for Free Agent sign ups. See website for details

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