Softball Rules

Please make note of the following rule changes for Ultimate Sports:

All players must complete an online waiver prior to participating in any sport with Ultimate Sports, LLC.  Each team will receive one warning.  A second offense will result in the offending team being disqualified from playoff eligibility.   Further offenses will result in more severe consequemces to include but not limited to game suspensions. 


Batting Lineups must be presented to the umpire before each game, and must include first and last name. Once the lineup cards have been submitted to the umpire, they become official and you may add players to the bottom only. All substitutions must be given to the umpire as being made. -7 men and 3 women is the  new standard line up. NOTE: A minimum of 8 players from the team's roster must be present or the team will forfeit the game, 2 of which must be women and only 6 men will be allowed on the field. When the women who are not there would normally be up to bat they are automatic outs (This applies to the  only 2 female players). The pitcher may not intentionally walk a player to get to an automatic out.

Eligible Players: All players must be 21 years of age or older. There are no roster restrictions. ALL players are required to sign a release of liability waiver before participating.

Late Players: Any players arriving after the first pitch of the game (not already placed on the line-up card) must be placed at the end of the batting order. If the player bats in any other spot, it is considered an automatic out. If a girl shows up late, they may go into the automatic out spots on the line-up card. Captains must notify umpire of any changes to line-up cards.

Injured Players: If a player is injured during a game, captain must notify umpire to remove injured player from line-up card with no additional penalty (unless the injured player is a female and her removal falls behind the required ratio - then becomes an automatic out). An injured player that has been removed from line-up cannot return to the game.

Batting Ratios:When playing with 4 females and 6 males batting order can be random with no specific sex order as long as you follow your over all ratio and in the top 10 batters, 4 must be females. When batting 4 women you may bat up to 7 men, when batting 5 women you may bat up to 8 men, when batting 6 women you may bat up to 10 men. You may always bat more women then these ratios, but not more men. When playing with 7 men and 3 females on the field you may not bat more than 3 males in a row.

Pickup Players: Pickup players are NOT allowed in the playoffs.

Forfeits: Forfeit time is game time. Umpire calls game time. If a team forfeits even once within the season they will not be allowed to play in the playoffs.

3/2 SOFTBALL: We will be playing 3/2 softball, meaning each batter starts the count with 1 ball & 1 strike.

Time Limit: is 55 minutes with a maximum of 6 innings. The inning in progress at the end of 55 minutes will be the last inning and completed. (An inning starts once the third out of the previous inning is called.) The ump will enforce this rule and will keep teams informed of time remaining. NOTE: due to differing circumstances in each and every game, some games will finish short on an hour in length, while others might run over the hour mark. Please respect your ump's call in this matter, as they must keep all games on time in fairness to teams playing later hours and due to facility permit restrictions. Regular season games may end in a tie. In the case of rain or other event, the league has the right to call a game as official if more than 30 minutes has elapsed. In this instance, the final score will be counted at the end of the last full inning.

Mercy Rule- 20 after 3, 15 after 4, 10 after 5.

Pitching: The legal pitch arc is 6' - 12'. No quick pitching.

Courtesy Runners: No courtesy runners will be allowed unless BOTH captains agree to the substitution. NOTE: Ultimate Sports staff can overrule decision to ensure fair play. Substitutions will be the same sex/last out (or furthest in lineup card if no out). No Designated Fielder: Any player playing the field must bat at some point during the game.

Intentional walks: Will not be allowed.

There is a 10 run per inning rule. When a team brings in the 10th run, it is counted and is also the 3rd out. In the final 10 minutes of the game (or the 6th inning), the 10 run per inning rule does not apply, beginning with the visiting team's first at bat within that final 10 minutes. (This DOES NOT apply during playoffs, see below).

Batting & Fouls: Once the batter has 2 strikes, they are allowed one courtesy foul. The next foul ball will be considered an out.

Runners: No stealing bases. SLIDING IS PERMITTED

Positioning of outfielders: When a female is batting, all outfielders must stay behind the line in the outfield, which will be marked in the outfield.

Home runs: Each team may hit a total of 3 out of the park home runs, every home run after that will be an out. If both teams reach the 3 home run limit, each team will be allowed to hit 2 more, beginning with the visiting team's next batter. Each team is responsible for retrieving their homerun balls.

Walks: If a guy is walked and the next scheduled batter is a girl, she must bat unless the team has two outs - in which case she will have the option of hitting or taking a walk. Regardless of the number of outs, the guy will advance to second if walked with a girl as the next scheduled batter. If the next batter is a "missing" girl and the team is forced to take an out, the guy automatically advances to second base (with all other runners advancing accordingly) before the automatic out is recorded.

Baseline Rule: A defensive player may not impede a runner's progress by standing in the baseline, unless the defensive player is fielding a batted ball. In this instance the defensive player has the right to field it and the runner must avoid contact with the fielder. A defensive player may not block a base unless they have possession of the ball. Defensive players must catch the ball, block the base, then make the tag- in this order. Blocking of the bag without the ball shall result in an obstruction call, a warning to the offending player, and the runner will be awarded the base.

RAIN-OUTS: Ultimate Sports has two services to alert teams about rain cancellations. The first is the Rain-out Hotline 678-677-3355. The second is the e-mail alert - Ultimate Sports will e-mail team captains if games are cancelled by 5PM.

If games are rained out, Ultimate Sports will attempt to reschedule all games. Ultimate Sports may not be able to reschedule all games. If that occurs, appropriate adjustments will be made.



Disputes and protests: In a disputed play, only the team captain may discuss the play with the umpire. If a protest is made by the team captain, the captain must notify the umpire and opposing team captain before the next pitch.

Ejections: No fake tag outs will be allowed. Intentionally throwing the bat in anger or frustration after your turn up to bat will result in an automatic out for the batter and the following batter and may result in player's ejection, upon umpire's discretion. Interference (physical, verbal or visual distraction) will not be tolerated and may result in an ejection.


Tournament is single elimination with seeding based on regular season standings.

Tournament seeding will be based on the following criteria: (based on won-lost percentage where applicable): 1) winning percentage, 2) head-to-head play, 3) best combined ranking among league teams in runs scored and runs allowed, 4) coin flip.

There will be extra innings during tournament games where play ends in a tie. Extra innings will start with a runner on second base (base runner is the one who made the last out in the previous inning). There is no 10 run per inning rule. A team may score an unlimited number of runs per inning.

There is a 10 run mercy rule after 5 innings.

Championship games will be timed, similar to all other games. It is no longer 6 innings. It is the responsibility of the team captains to make sure all players in their line-up card are eligible players for all games.

Sometimes a team may play more then the 7 regular season games due to an odd number of teams. If the team plays an 8th game the score stats and win/loss for the 8th game will not count toward standings for that team (just the team with 7 games) but will be counted if as a head-to-head tiebreaker.


Bats: Legal bats are as defined by Ultimate Sport rules. Please click here for banned bats. along with those, there are NO  FULL COMPOSITE OR DOUBLE WALL bats allowed no matter if there is an ASA stamp or not. Demarini Steel is permitted for play. Bats may be added to this list at a later time. Bats not on this list may still be disallowed. If you have a question, please contact Ultimate Sports before use.

Gloves: Players may use any type of softball/baseball glove.

Cleats: No metal spikes are allowed.Wearing metal cleats is an ejectable offense.

No jewelry can be worn during the games, for the safety of all players.


Ultimate Sports is not responsible for any refunds at any time during the season.


Ultimate Sports reserves the right to adjust and/or insert rules due to game day time restrictions or to ensure fair play.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!