The Ultimate Perimeter Championship

Ultimate Perimeter Championship!

The great debate in Atlanta...OTP OR ITP?  Because of this we
 have created the basis for The Ultimate Sports annual
Championship.  We will be taking each Championship team
from each season, league and night and inviting them to
compete in a one day playoff to see which side of the
perimeter has the best coed softball team.  There will be a
bracket for ITP champions and one for OTP Champions.  The winner
of each bracket will meet in a winner-take-all championship game
to compete for overall Ultimate Sports coed softball team
dominance and to answer our question of which side of the
Perimeter is coed softball dominant.

Who:  All Ultimate Sports Championship teams from Fall 08 - Summer
What: A softball championship to determine geographic dominance.
When:  No time has been set yet however the time frame will be a
Saturday or a Sunday after Summer season and before college football
Where: At a field to be determined later (Sorry, field choice will
be based on availablity, not on home field advantage).
Why: Because evryone likes a little friendly competition.

Regular Ultimate Sports coed softball rules will apply with only a
few additiions/exceptions.
A franchise will be placed in a bracket cooresponding with which park
they won at.  If the park they played at was inside the perimeter, they
will be in the ITP brackett.  If they won at a park outside the
Perimeter, they will be in the OTP bracket.
The only players that may participate are eligible players for that
franchise.  An eligible player is someone that has played atleast 2
regular season games witht he franchise during it's winning season.  
Should one franchise win more that one Championship in the same year,
they will be allowed to combine all eligible players from winning
season to form one roster and one entry into the final Championship.  
Should one franchise win a Chgampionship in both an ITP park and an OTP
park, Ultimate Sports will be allowed to decide which bracket they compete
Each Participating franchise will also be allowed one "lottery" player.  
A lottery player may be male or female and does not have to have played
the 2 regular seaosn games with the franchise during it's winning season.  
The purpose of the lottery player is to help replace any player that may
not be able to return for the Championship series for any reason.
Within one week of notification of time/location of the Championship,
each eligible Franchise must notify Ultimate Sports of whetehr it will be
able to field a team at that time/location.  Any franchise that Ultimate
Sports does not hear back from in the allotted amount of time will be
disqualified from Participating.
If one player is eligible to play for more than one franchise at the time
of the Championship, that player should decide which team he/she will be
playing with and nofify Ultimate Sports of their decision.

Eligible teams thus far:



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