Summer Lawyers League Rules

Ultimate Sports Lawyer League Rules  


Have fun. This is the non-competitive league; you are out there to do anything other than exhibit your lawyerly talents (or vices).

All teams will receive a "complete and official" schedule of all games to be played by all teams.

All teams are encouraged to discuss these rules with the players. Please have a copy of these rules with you at all games.

Teams may play no more than ten people on the field. When a team has eight (8) or nine (9) players, it is within the discretion of the other team as to whether they will "lend" players for the short-handed team. Teams with an abundance of players are strongly encouraged to do so. Spouses and significant others are also welcome to play. The key is to FIELD A TEAM! There must be at least 2 females on the field at all times and they must bat in the lineup.

Unless there is a shortage of players on another team, please try to restrict your roster to players on your own team (i.e. players should not play on several different teams in the league unless there is a shortage).


  • 1. No metal cleats or spikes are allowed.
  • 2. Please try and refrain from using "professional" bats or "ringers" unless you are willing to share with the opposing team. This is a non-competitive league and we try to keep it on an even level for all teams.


  • 1. Time Limit is 50 minutes and you can play as many innings in those 50 minutes. The inning in progress at the end of 50 minutes will be the last inning and completed. (An inning starts once the third out of the previous inning is called.) The ump will enforce this rule and will keep teams informed of time remaining. NOTE: due to differing circumstances in each and every game, some games will finish short on an hour in length, while others might run over the hour mark. Please respect your ump's call in this matter, as they must keep all games on time in fairness to teams playing later hours and due to facility permit restrictions. Regular season games may end in a tie. In the case of rain or other event, the league has the right to call a game as official if more than 30 minutes has elapsed. In this instance, the final score will be counted at the end of the last full inning.
  • 2. Home and Away is determined by a good ol fashion game of Rocks, Paper, and Scissors by the captains.
  • 3. Please be careful if copying a schedule to distribute to your players. Check the game times to make sure they are in order with the "official schedule" before handing the schedule out to your players. If there is a mix up in the time of play and the game is not played, the team showing up at the correct game time (according to the "official schedule") will be considered the winners by forfeit.
  • 4. Before starting a game teams should draw a line beginning at the center of the back of home plate and extending toward the backstop approximately five feet. A runner advancing toward home plate is safe when he or she crosses the line before a fielder controlling the ball touches the plate. A runner who touches the plate is out. A fielder who blocks the line scores the run automatically.


  • 1. Unless there is an injury, anyone who bats must at some point play in the field and vice-versa.
  • 2. If you are short a player and a "volunteer" from the stands (one who is improperly dressed for the game) offers to catch, that person should be allowed to do so without penalty. (This shows Firm support). If the team is short a female and the Volunteer happens to be female, the volunteer will not count as the second female unless she decides to bat and play the field. Therefore, the two female rule/penalty still applies (see Batting Rule 1).
  • 3. There can be only two "cross-over" players from the league playing on any one team.


  • 1. Slow pitch softball requires a six (6) to twelve (12) foot arc (i.e. the ball must reach at least six but no more than twelve feet above the ground on its way to the plate.) Balls and strikes will not be called. Only swinging strikes count toward a strike out. Please keep in mind that the purpose of the league is to allow players the opportunity to hit the ball and to have fun. Every team should put a good athlete on the mound to make sure everybody has a chance to hit.


  • 1. Every player bats, whether in the field previously or not. The first ten players in the batting order will consist of the first team players who take the field. A team must have two women in the first ten places in the batting order at all times. For each inning a team cannot or does not include two women, one out for each woman not fielded will be given to the team for a maximum of two outs per inning.
  • 2. Batting orders should include all players that will play at any time during the game. Some team managers have requested more freedom with batting orders because of the number of people they have participating. Since this is a non-competitive league, we encourage everyone to bat in a single batting order.
  • 3. The integrity of the batting order should be maintained throughout the game. No pinch hitting, advancing batters, or dropping or adding of players during the game so as to affect the batting order is allowed.
  • 4. A batting order must be established at the beginning of the game. No person may substitute in the batting order until they have played the previous half inning in the field. Only females may be substituted for another female's spot in the batting order. Substitution does not disqualify a player from the rest of the game.
  • 5. If players show up after the game has started, they shall bat at the end of the batting order. If a person does not feel well, they should be dropped from play, including batting. If they resume play, they should be placed in the same spot in the batting order they were in at the beginning of the game.
  • 6. After three over the fence home runs have been hit, all over the fence home runs thereafter, are to be considered singles.
  • 7. Bunting or chopping at the ball while at bat is an out. Please do not quibble about un-athletic swings.
  • 8. There will be no balls or strikes called by the umpire. Because of that please do not stand at the place waiting for "your perfect pitch".
  • 9. In contrast to batting, there is free substitution during field play and teams are encouraged to spread the field time evenly among the players.


  • 1. Generally, there is no pinch running except where there is a physical reason and the opposing team agrees to the runner. Teams are encouraged to agree.
  • 2. Runners cannot advance on foul balls, including those that are caught for an out.
  • 3. On an overthrow, the runner may advance as many bases as he can as long as the ball remains "in play". However, if the ball goes "out of play" any runner is entitled to advance one base from where they were when the ball went "out of play".
  • 4. No base runner may lead-off. A runner may not leave a base until the batter has made contact with the ball or the ball has completely crossed the plate.
  • 5. No player may steal a base.
  • 6. The player playing first base should not touch the outside bag at first base and the runner should not touch the inside bag.
  • 7. All plays at home will be a force out. A runner is committed toward home when that player crosses the midway point between third base and home. Once a runner is committed and a fielder controls that ball and touches the home plate before the runner crosses the line, the runner is out. Again, do everything possible to avoid collisions at the plate.


The next game's teams have a right to demand the field at their regularly scheduled starting time if, and only if, both teams are present and ready to play. If you are playing on a lighted field, before demanding the field, please be considerate of the teams playing if the game is tied. No one likes to end in a tie ball game. If the field is being demanded, the final score is determined by the score at the end of the last completed inning, unless the team batting second is batting and ahead when time runs out.



  • 1. A forfeiture results when a team does not have at least eight (8) players ready to play at least ten minutes after the start of game time and the other team is ready to play. The full team may allow the team that is short players more time if they so desire. This is highly encouraged (within reason). The team that has a "full team" may decide to start the game as the "away team" to allow additional time for the remaining players on the other team to arrive. This is at the discretion of the "full team".
  • 2. Once a forfeit is called, teams may play a practice game by "lending" players to the team that had to forfeit. This way all players that showed for the game will get some playing time. You may also use the field for a practice game if the opposing team forfeits in advance. The field has been reserved for your team; you are welcome to take advantage of the open field.
  • 3. If it appears that you cannot field a team for a regularly scheduled game, you must inform the other team and the Commissioner as soon as possible. The Commissioner will try to arrange another team to take the place of a team that has forfeited so that the team prepared to field a team will still be able to play their game.
  • 4. It is a good idea to get your players in the habit of committing to attend games several days in advance.
  • 5. If you continue to have forfeits please call the Commissioner to arrange for another firm to combine with your team or vice versa to eliminate forfeits.


Rainouts will be rescheduled according to field reservations. Below are the rainout numbers.

Decatur Field, Frankie Allen and Southern Poly- 678-677-3355. The rain out hotline will be updated at 4pm on game days. Piedmont Park-404-875-7275 ext. 320



Ultimate Sports reserves the right to adjust and/or insert rules due to game day time restrictions or to ensure fair play.